Saturday, January 2, 2016

Now where did I put that runsite?

As there seems to be a little confusion (from our Misdirectionist, of course) over today's runsite, here's an illustrated guide to getting there. I'm tempted to call it "foolproof", but then as Mark Twain said, it's almost impossible to make something foolproof because fools are so damned ingenious.

- From the Kaw Yaw intersection take the Old Hatyai Road 4.7km and turn left onto the familiar road to Na Mom, Route 3031.

- After 8km or so you'll see Wat Khao Kloy and the start of Punnakan Road on your right. Keep on going straight.

- After just over 2km more, on your left you'll see the road I've used for my last few runs around here. If you read Thai (or even if you don't), it's called Thanon Saai Naak Song, and the sign looks like this:

Do not turn left here. Carry another 500m, no more and no less, to the next left turn. It's called Thanon Saai Hin Lap and here's what it looks like:

Note the red hash "sign" attached to the . . . oh no, it seems to be falling off! Well I hope it's still there this afternoon. Due to a slight curve in the main road you may not see this sign until you are zooming past the soi. So slow down, OK?

(For some reason Egghead wants you to cross the 7° N parallel and go a couple hundred meters further to a road that curves around into the Wat Phijit temple complex. As at all Thai temples, as a white person you are at risk there of being captured and used as a human sacrifice. Worth the gamble? I don't think so!)

- Anyhow, turn left onto Thanon Saai Hin Lap, a nice paved road to nowhere. Go 1.6km and on your left you will see another hash sign:

Turn left here and go 400m on the dirt road to the runsite at the Y. For those into such things, its coordinates are 7° 0'14.37"N 100° 35'58.78"E. If neither the hare nor anybody else is there yet, you can tell it's the runsite from this downward-pointing arrow:

And now all you have to do is start drinking heavily and don't expect much from the run. Though as bad as it may be, I have a suspicion that the live-hare short run will be even worse!

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  1. Mea culpa! However, as I have been tasked with adding map coordinates to misdirections, could future hares please try to give me the coordinates of the run site and/or any significant turnings to prevent me having to try to disinter them from the directions, which is, for the directionally challenged, challenging. It's easy enough to do, just open Google Earth and hover the cursor over the location then read the coordinates off from the bottom of the screen. Ta!