Sunday, January 10, 2016


Long run, 7.1k, or 8.8k with all the (10!) F's and the check-back included. 7 of the 8 runners made it to the beer stop in about 1hr 15mins so the whole run must have been one and a half hours plus, with the final runner, Buk Toy never arriving having been lured by the chanting from Watt Sai Kao to head off in the opposite direction, eventually being picked up on the road by Sex Sprinter at about 7:00 p.m. Maximum height was 295m at 360 5 per Google Earth; with the GPS at one point advising that the run hit sea level (unlikely as Yardo and Beaver point out!) the total ascent was big - in the region of 450m but that was also a GPS advised figure so could also be wrong. On after was at Steak Ne Suan, where All Black discovered that she doesn't like Salmon and Harram discovered that she does!

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  1. Just played back the run from my watch's GPS track and for the record, it shows the runsite at 61m ASL and the lowest point at 56m, just a minute or two into the run.