Saturday, January 30, 2016

How much longer can we go on doing this?

        No, this is not some deep existential question about the role of hashing in a materialist world, but a thinly veiled reference to the imminent disappearance of the virgin with three tits as the quarries on the North side eat ever closer to the ridge and will presumably eventually eat away the whole central section of the hill. As it is it is now very difficult to visit all three peaks in one run as the middle one has to all intents and purposes disappeared, and getting to what is left from the eastern peak would involve descending the hill on the western flank as we did today and then reascending on the northern side of the hole in the middle.
        So today's run only took in half the hill and barely touched the north eastern side leaving that to be covered in a future run if the diggers don't get in first. The long run took an hour, was about 6.4k without the checks, 8k with them all included. The total ascent was about 160m and the high point was 110m at the second 360. The short run had pretty much the same ascent and hit the same high point, but was only 3.4k though it took the short runners (barring Eightball who should have been doing the long run anyway!) slightly over an hour.

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