Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Prepare to meet thy GOD

The Gorge of Death, hereinafter known as "GOD".
Click to see it in all its fearsome majesty.
Well this coming Sunday's run was going to be a gentle Punnakan-ish outing but the HH3 Powers That Be (much like the SH3 Cronies, except younger) have decreed that it will be set from the same site as the run week before last ... yes, site of last year's infamous Gorge of Death run. And so unless the long-run hare (me) loses his nerve in the meantime, prepare once again to come face to face with thy GOD. Provided you survive that, there promises to be large amounts of free beer in celebration of no less than three hash birthdays. And for Mii the Dog and anyone else not man enough for the big one, veteran HH3 hare Sex Star will set a short run that could be pretty challenging in itself. Be there!

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