Sunday, June 9, 2013

The 69 Run that didn't go far enough........

After experiencing a severe case of hare loss over the last week the 1669 run was successfully laid, and various interpretations of where the paper should have gone were run by the smallish pack of 9 runners and several dogs. Never mind, the hare seems to have been forgiven for his lack of initiative by staging a beer stop towards the end of the run, where the hounds promptly forgot all their criticisms of the run. The short run partakers seemed to be more appreciative of the run without any bribery involved at all, maybe I’ll just lay short runs in future and just get the long runners to go around twice.

Anyway the statistics for the various runs were as follows. The long run had a length of 6.3km long without all the sticking out bits (the setting required 8.9kms to fill in all the false trails and check backs, and re-lays of the paper), with a total upwards direction of just 240m, achieved by running over a number of smallish hillocks. The runners returned in a modest time of 1 hour and 20mins, after a short stop at the beer truck before running the 1.9km back to the runsite. The short run was 3.2km long and a total climb of 90m and was completed in around 50 mins by most  of the short runners, including the malingering Short Screw. No new runners this week, but the return of Hand Job will help keep the recently returned Beavershot happy.


  1. Brilliant, inspired, superlative ... words fail me. And that was just the beer stop. The run was pretty good too. Thanks Yardo!

  2. Malingerer, huh?

    As the Tassie fold is known for its dubious take on the English vernacular, I'll let you off on that one, Mr One Inch, as I have a suspicion what thou'st actually meant was 'lingering'...

    A hopeless Hasher sporting plantar fasciitis, dodgy calcaneal fat pad (Kakadu cliff jumping) and a flippin' duodenal ulcer to top it off does not a malingerer make. :)

    Good runsite, but; hoping to see more of it when one is in non-ma-lingering mode.

    On On, SS