Sunday, June 23, 2013

Big but not quite monstrous

Egghead has been press-ganged into volunteering to write a rehash so you should be able to read all about it whenever he emerges from his Lost Weekend on Soi Cowboy. But meanwhile some stats.

The long run measured 9.8km in length including all checks. Total ascent was 620m with a highest point of 276m. It included one of the steepest hills we've done in recent years, ascending about 140m in the space of 100m. My online sine calculator makes that at 54˚. The first runner, one of the fit young new Hatyai guys, arrived back in about 1:20.

The short run and the Full Moon run (which were the same, except in opposite directions) were just short of 4km with a total ascent of 100m.

The total amount of beer drunk: incalculable.

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