Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No news is no news

An artist's impression of the Irish Pub, but not neccessarily the one in Hatyai!
Gaseous Clay has taken over the responsibility of setting this week's SH3 run, as the pussies had some problems. So far there is no news of the whereabouts of the run site but that will be posted separately later.
In the meantime, tomorrow night, (Thursday June 27th) there will be a Hash-night-out at the Irish Pub in Hatyai starting a about 6:30/7:00 which all are invited. The location of the Irish pub is a closely guarded secret known only to those who have managed to find it before. The best we can do is to give the Irish version of the directions: From the traffic lights at the Odean Department Store on Nipatuthit Road 3, go left as if you were going to the Pink Lady, but then don't go there. Instead go in the opposite direction at the next set of traffic lights where you would go left if you were going to the Pink Lady (which you're not) along Sanehanusorn Road, between the two BP Grand hotels (Towers on the left, Suite on the right) and look for the Irish Pub on the left after another 2 or 3 hundred meters.
Then on Friday night, there will be a quiz night at the Office Bar - the first in at least a couple of years -  when the Hash team of which YOU are a valuable and essential part will take on all-comers in an attempt to uphold the fine record of usually coming second because we drink too much to remember any of the answers in the last round. In accordance with tradition the fun will start at 8:00 p.m and there is a BBQ included in the usual price of B100 per person the proceeds of which will as usual be donated to Songkhla Orphanage.
Finally as pressaged below, Beavershot in the guise of his mild-mannered alter-ego, Sex Focus will be setting the HH3 run on Sunday from a similar run site to that from which the run was held on 9th June (see below for map). Directions from Songkhla are: From the Ko Yo intersection, take the old Hatyai Road for 4.7k and turn left for 8k then turn right at Wat Keow Kloy for about 7k, then left along Ban Nai Rai Road for about 3.5k and turn left for about 500 meters along the new road to the run site.


  1. The Irish Pub's FB page with a clickable map is here: