Monday, May 6, 2013

To boldly go - or not to go.

The location for Hatyai Outstation 14 proved to be as spectacular as promised - a great resort set beneath an imposing looking hill and next to some of that rolling rubber so familiar from running at the late lamented Sadao H3.
Strangely however, Saturday's hare, Sex Star eschewed the chance to boldly explore the hill, chosing instead to set a run of less than 3k (in red above) which only went up about 100 meters before returning to the resort. Sunday's run (in green) opted for the rolling rubber which proved to be flatter than expected, but logged up a creditable 6k which the pack ate in 53 minutes. In between there was an evening dominated by the upshot of the morning's car rally won by Sex See during which the usual excess quantities of food beer and wine were consumed.
With most regulars finding reasons not to attend, SH3 were largely represented by the pussies who turned out in force although Yardo did make it down for the Sunday morning run and the trip to Wat Khao Rup Chang. Hmmmm....

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