Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Wannabe Full Moon Horror Run

Continuing the fine tradition (starting last month) of not wanting to make the full moon runs too easy, the long run on Thursday night was just over 7.3kms long, including the 7 false trails and 7 checks, but no check backs which could possibly have helped the runners to find the paper a bit quicker.

The graph shows a total ascent of 277m but done in a couple of easy stages, after allowing the short runners to return to the beer truck after the first ascent. The short run was 4.0kms long and took most of the walkers / joggers about 1 hour. The long runners took about 1 hour & 20 minutes to return to the beer truck after which no time was wasted in attempting to drink the “free”(??) beer esky dry. No that wasn’t free beer, well not for a few of the attendees anyway.
Generally another entertaining Full Moon On After with Stick Insect / Lady of the Lamp supplying the free entertainment in the way of new runner Gary, flown in by special request all the way from Australia, singing a medley of western / rock songs to the accompaniment of his excellent acoustic guitar playing. On On to the celebration of Stick Insect's 60th birthday today at the SH3 run at Tung Jaeng restaurant on New Yala Road. Be there to take advantage of the offer of free food provided by the hare.


  1. ...but not free beer! (which will again no doubt, be provided by the usual suspects).
    P.S. Great run!

  2. So we finally get the length of our Saturday runs under control and now maniacs like Yardo are turning the FM run into a macho ballbreaker. Sorry I missed it!

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  4. But what I tried to say response to Beaver's comment ...not exactly, I heard that yesterdays run was 11 kilometers long, though this was hearsay, but possibly correct from the time it took people to return. I had plenty of time to contemplate celebrating Stick Insects birthday with every painful step. I found the greatest consolation was imagining the crunch of insect carapaces under my boot. On On Gan Yao (and how do I get rid of the Jessyeatsalpoand fish tag?

    1. I kind of like Jessyeats but if you want to change it, click on the "Reply as" button just below where you type in your comment and select "Name/URL". Then type in any name you like.

  5. fisheatsalpoandjessyMay 26, 2013 at 10:56 AM

    oh like this???? tku

  6. Never mind Beaver, by all accounts the run was a miserable failure as a horror run.