Sunday, May 12, 2013

Run 1665 Rehash

Through some clever F... manipulation there were actually 4 runs this week. The long run (in magenta), the short run (in cyan), a medium run (the first part of the long run and joining onto the short run), and a very short run (the first part of the long run and back on the short run out trail) as run by Kankai and new runner Chris. Our other new runner Brett completed the long run as did returning runner Short Screw, thankfully not in his previous guise as fanatical front runner, ...yet!
The long runners returned within a couple of minutes of each other in about 58 minutes, while the short runners were back in about 50 minutes.
Run statistics for the long run were:  total length 6.6km (if you were lucky enough to find all the false trails), max elevation 173m, total ascent 287m. For the short run:  total length 2.6km, max elevation 130m, total ascent 111m.

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