Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Separated at birth?
As the intellectually stimulating debate about the provenance of Living Next door to Alice subsides into recriminations, threats and verbal abuse, an interesting sidelight on the names of the bands who performed the wretched song.
The first group were from Australia and were fittingly called New World, a kind of outbacky, pioneering spirit, G'day Bruce sort of name for a band from Oz. The British group were originally called Smokey (although they were later obliged to change it to Smokie after threats of legal abuse from Mr Robinson of that ilk who thought his fans might be confused by the similarity of the names; derrr...), a suitably grimy industrially sort of name as befits a band from the land of the dark Satanic mills.
And the Dutch band to whom we are all eternally grateful for indelibly fixing the classic line, Who the fuck is Alice? in our memories? Gompie. Now to anyone from the Monty Python generation, that name can (but probably doesn't - so don't bother running for Wikipedia, Braniac) mean only one thing.
So, the question is, were they inspired by Kii Leum or is he just a closet fan?

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