Monday, May 13, 2013

NOT the shortest distance between two points

Set jointly but severally by Kai Jeow and Moo Sahb, yesterday's HH3 run demonstrates the stylistic differences between the members of the egg partnership, with the first half gracefully sweeping in flowing arcs around, up and down Kao Lam, while the second half seems to stutter drunkenly in every available direction, before plunging decisively into Wat Bologam and the final approach to Egg Towers. By that time, half the pack had apparently had enough as they avoided the transit of the Wat, which was really the whole point of the exercise, and trudged back the long way round the road. Inch Dick was duly iced for the sin, although he was not amongst the sinners who committed it!
A substantial turnout, with more than 30 people doing either the long or short runs, which were respectively 5.9 and 3.2 kilometers long, the maximum height reached being 195 meters, with a total ascent in the low 200's. Short Screw got a bit lost, possibly because he had been instructed to hunt down Robocop, who strayed onto the road early thus avoiding Moo Sahb's drunken ramblings. Most of the attendees departed for the festivities in the wat immediately after the circle, leaving the Atheist Tendancy to finish off the beer, a feat which they failed to achieve by 1 can. Shame!

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