Saturday, January 12, 2013

What we do best

Great run: 7.5k, exactly 1 hour if your name is Sex Sprinter and you short cut down the road - a few more minutes if you did the honest thing and followed the paper. Maximum elevation was 48m. A bit short in the check department which meant that for most of the long run pack it was all running with no breaks. No complaints about the 4.1k short run with the more substantial short run pack mostly following the long runners home. Beaver was selected by the magic cube and ran an impeccable circle, even icing our late lamented GM without incident.  The food was wonderful and  the villagers were on hand to supply us with lamyai and fresh coconuts. Plans were laid for a double run and camp out at a location not far from today's run site on the day of the full moon in 2 weeks time. Sweetness and light prevailed. The dogs all survived and there was not a lemming in sight!

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