Thursday, January 3, 2013

Beam me up Botty

Some interesting rumours circulating concerning an unexplained disappearance by one of Saturday's hares, notably on the SH3/HH3 Facebook pages, and the TOS can exclusively report that Kii Leum was found wandering in a dazed and confused condition, about 10k away from where he was supposed to be!
As a result, the run site for Saturday's run has been relocated to the point from which he wandered off in the hope of a re-enactment of his suspicious dematerialisation. Scoff ye not, oh disbelievers in alien abductions!

Details of Saturday's run are now:
Songkhla Hash House Harriers run #1648, Saturday 5th January 2013, 4:00 p.m.
Hares: Kii Leum and Yardstick
Misdirections: From the Ko Yo intersection take the new Yala road for 800 meters and turn left, following the road for 800 meters to the Home of Faith then continue up the hill for a further 1.1 kilometers to the run site on the right in the rubber.

Perhaps it is a reflection of the quality of last Saturday's HH3 New Year's party that your correspondent has no recollection of any announcement being made last weekend about the location of this week's (Sunday) HH3 run. No doubt a map will appear as mysteriously as Kii Leum disappeared today. When it does it will follow.


  1. Alien Information ServicesJanuary 4, 2013 at 7:33 AM

    We can confirm that one of our 'Intelligent Life-Search' patrols picked up a bi-pedal lifeform yesterday but on attempting to communicate with it realised their error and returned it to Earth unharmed, taking instead a large horned quadruped which has shown more promising signs intelligence.

  2. Dear A.I.S.,

    What made you think we wanted it back?