Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Not a Run, or What it Could Have Been

This is the route that made up Run #1648, but it could well have been the route, as shown in the following image, in part anyway, as it would have started and ended on the New Yala Road. Check C05 was where Sex Sprinter came undone, being about 350m from the out trail, and after the ON ON had already been called on paper. Always a problem when setting runs on narrow ridges, but the hares DO know a run where it would have been nigh impossible to shortcut, even a certain hare couldn't find a shortcut. Of course it would have taken about four hours to run, and we wouldn't have had to worry about running out of beer, as there wouldn't have been any returning runners to drink any of it.
Don't forget, if there are any volunteers to fill the currently vacant post of SH3 GM, feel free to come forward this Saturday and you will be democratically voted on, before gladly being bestowed this honourable post. Otherwise it will probably be left to the wisdom of THE CUBE.


  1. THE CUBE knows all!

    Is that red track the migratory pattern of the Dutch wildebeest?

    1. Run my cattle run.???
      Nederlandse gnu?

  2. Perky's dog for GM!!!