Saturday, January 19, 2013

Run #1650: The Afterbirth

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Afterbirth? Did I say that? I meant aftermath. The long run was about 7.4km, or 8km+ if you also did the unnecessary parts. Total ascent was 220m. First back was Sex Sprinter in 1:03 but he got so comprehensively off course on the first two-thirds that he really doesn't count. I think Palm Job was the first one in who'd done pretty much the whole thing. Not that we keep track or anything. Incidentally, first to arrive at the beer stop, 6km into the run, was the now shockingly fit Perky. He must be young or something.

The idea of the long run was an easy run with tough checks, and it seemed to get good reviews. The idea of the short run was something as quick and easy to lay live as possible, so of course it was crap -- sorry about that. Gan Yao disappeared into an alternative universe of his own, as he does from time to time, but he didn't seem too upset about it. There was plenty of food and endless beer until, of course it ran out. That's the problem with endless: when the end inevitably comes, you're not expecting it.

P.S. Somehow Smeghead didn't get welcomed back properly as a returning runner. Where's our hospitality gone?


  1. Beaver! Do you have a map with the checks on please? I looked at this map and I cannot understand how I ended up where I did (story of my life!), Last I remembered I was leading the pack (hang on a minute, need my pills to get me out of the delusional phase)......and then I woke up miles to the south of the Wat (and I must confess, that just before Mick found me I was running the wrong way, a cyclist stopped and asked where I was going, his laughter at my answer gave me a clue!)

    Mick, thanks for the medevac, it was a long way home..........

  2. OK, map reposted with red dots showing the 360s and yellow ones for the false trails. If you ended up too far south you probably went off at one of the two false trails at the lower left. We need to attach a GPS tracker to you next time!

  3. Nope, still cant figure it out, can you please add time warps, wormholes and any dimensionally inconsistent weak point where I may have slipped through?

    On On Gan Yao

  4. Well there was a large mass of dark matter in the vicinity of the beer truck . . . no wait, that was Softcock!