Sunday, January 14, 2018

Run 1907 Post Mortem

Another Sai Khao Resort run, which you would think had been done to death, but with thanks to rubber farmers & mother nature, the terrain here, and indeed most of our hashing areas, changes constantly, and what was once familiar becomes almost virginal again. A bit like our bar girls I’ve been told. Anyway back to statistics; the long run was logged at 8.4km including all false trails & checkbacks, but apart from Sex Sprinter, most of the smallish pack ran closer to, and a fairly moderate 220m of ascent.
Various connotations of a flat short, an interesting short & a medium run were available of 4.0 km, 4.0 km & 6.0 km lengths respectively, all revolving around the beerstop, which you would think would keep everyone happy. As it was, only the GM completed the medium run, and most of the short runners had to find their own way back to the runsite, due to the shreddy becoming increasingly harder to find after being severely water-logged . A giant umbrella may have helped even more in retrospect. Ah well, such is nature, it giveth & it taketh.

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