Sunday, January 7, 2018

HH3 today: Not that sala!

Clarification that today's run site is not at Sala Hin Kiang but at the new big sala which is visible in the fields on the left as you drive from Tha Kham to Wat Nern Pichit. So the directions should read: From Tha Kham head South for about 1.5k and turn left along the dirt road. From Wat Keow Kloy go North for about 500m and the dirt road is on the right


  1. At the risk of rattling Beavershot's cage (or maybe that should be vibrating his dam) the coordinates of the sala are 7.028205° N 100.580646° E and those of the turn off from the Tha Kham-Keow Kloy road are: 7.028964° N 100.579078° E

  2. Well as you know, I'm a classicist and would prefer 7°01'41.5"N 100°34'50.3"E. Otherwise, no complaints.

    And sorry to drop out as yesterday's hare. But I shall return, asap.

    1. That's what they all say! Pity you couldn't have returned to set yesterday's run! The less said about that one the better!