Saturday, January 6, 2018

1906: Now you see it...

Now you don't!
The top picture is today's run in all it's 6.4k (a bit more with all the checks) glory and as you can see from the picture below it, it's not the first time we've run in the area; in fact over the last 10 years this must have been one of the most popular areas we have used. So it was all the stranger that no one other than Aftershock seemed to have any idea where we were, and he POE'd to avoid the reward for being a clever sod!
The Thai contingent were mostly absent this week for a wedding so it was a small pack which set out on the long run with an even smaller contingent for the short run. Both runs benefited from late arrivals and Loose Moose and Buzz Off were last back  having set out after the last short runner, Only a Yolk,  had already departed on her own, and they then decided to tackle the long run anyway. They measured the long run at over 8k having taken advice from the same bunch of lumberjacks who had destroyed the 6th F at the high point of the run, which was 110m. Meanwhile the sweeping hare ran out of oomph and was accompanied on a hastily arranged medium run (not a short cut!) by the GM and they were narrowly the first home after the short runners with the long run pack coming in more or less together, minus the errant Yardstick who went AWOL at the 6th F because he didn't ask the lumberjacks' advice! But then he's not Canadian is he?

Not a great start to 2018 turn-out-wise but things can only get better (can't they?) We can probably expect better runs this year as well, as this was set rather off-the-cuff in view of the advertised hare's lack of availability and the actual hares crowded lifestyle. But as the sun set behind the hills and the circle ground it's way to a conclusion there was still plenty of support for the beer truck despite  some January abstemiators trying to make up for all the abuse to their livers over the festive season.

So it's on on to HH3 tomorrow at the new big sala between Tha Kham and Keow Kloy and for those who enjoy the surreal experience of a Sex Sprinter map here it is!
...and for those who don't: From Tha Kham go South for 1.5k and turn left along the dirt road. From Wat Keow Kloy, go North for 500m and turn right oto the dirt road.

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