Sunday, February 12, 2017

Same hill, different torture

Since Egghead asked, here in blue is Jim's long tortuous SH3 run of January 7th. In yellow is yesterday's shorter tortuous run from Stick Insect & co. You can see that the former ran pretty much the whole length of the hill and back, while yesterday's just went over the bottom end of it. OK, can we now give this hill a break for a while?


  1. One can 'appreciate' the HUGE shortcut headEgg made by clipping the left loop! What a barsteward! :)

    1. And then he claimed to be "on paper" because he found the out-trail. Truly a shameful performance. I think the only way we can forgive him is if he organizes a massive beer stop today.

  2. Not a huge one, but one of the most memorable, complete with mini-waterfall and swimming... though you wouldn't know as you yourself committed an Eggheadesque shortcut, didn't you!

  3. Well to paraphrase Bill Clinton, I did not have a beer at that beer stop.

  4. ... wouldn't that actually imply you did? :)

  5. It would imply he drank all the beer and then shagged the bar tender!