Monday, February 27, 2017

...and what the pack did with the run

This is the HH3 track that the paper was laid on, and was more or less followed by the pack of long runners; at least until the scent of the beer truck was detected and there was a headlong rush to the beer, by all or most of the front runners, with a list of short cutters redacted.
The long run had an overall distance of 7.5kms with a total ascent of just over 400m. The medium run was also challenging with a length of 4.7kms and an ascent of 260m. The short run was just 2.2kms, which by all accounts was completely bypassed by all in favour of doing the much more interesting medium run. A wise choice.

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  1. ...and since when was god involved in wetting the hares on the ice. A fitting conclusion to the circle anyway, as I think the beer truck still had more beer.