Sunday, February 5, 2017

Plain fare

From the road where the pack were dropped, the long run crossed the hill at the low point of the ridge (138m) formerly known as Fat Belly Pass, then followed a fairly economical route back to the run site, covering 6.8k in the process without the F's. Sex Printer ate this in an hour even with a 10 minute beer stop, and the rest of the pack weren't far behind. Gan Yao made it over the pass but then suffered a double blow out and trailed in 30 minutes behind everyone else having abandoned the paper somewhere after the beer stop, which he didn't make, in favor of the road, so probably adding another kilometer to the run. Meanwhile Ha Roy Rupee, who did make the beer stop. sensibly decided to call it a day there; a brave effort nonetheless. The short run started at the beer stop, the walkers taking all the Leo with them leaving the long run only a case of Chang to consume. No reports on how long it took them but the length was about 3k.
Stick Insect offered faint praise: a good run for visitors with nice wide trails allowing him to pass the fat guys who somehow managed to get ahead of him!
A lively circle conducted by Throbbin' Hood ensued at which Adam narrowly avoided being named Puppy Pimp in favor of the less complementary Trailer Trash much to the amusement of his wife. Then it was on on to Thung Jaeng and a racially and age segregated dinner with most of the Thais heading for the Karaoke room, the kids opting to pet the Egg family's newly pimped puppy and the Farangs, in some cases accompanied by their loving wives opting to appreciate the beer and food without the distraction of Squealer and Super Pig's dulcet tones.


  1. The image must be a portrayal of Gan Yao's memory, it sort of faded once he got over the ridge.

  2. Sounds about right, it took about 5 mins to drink it and about 3k to wear off the Chang.