Monday, December 28, 2015

Several good reasons to remember the 30th December

Ok, so Perky didn't like the Karaoke, but apart from that, last New Year's Eve Eve was a memorable evening if for no other reason than it was announced that Beaver and Handjob had tied the noose, err... knot (strange Freudian slip there, ed).

So the question is, what dramatic developments will be revealed at this year's event. Will Stick Insect finally accept the inevitable and announce his nuptuals? If so with whom? Will Egghead finally come out of the closet as a boring old fart on state pension? No surprise there, then!

Only one way to find out - be there! Same place same time same date: Buk Toy's yard (Gold Star), 6:00 p.m., 30th December (a Wednesday this year as it 'appens). Fancy dress is optional and freestyle, contributions of food would probably be well received and the alcohol advice is to bring a little of what you fancy!

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