Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Full Moon

First things first; here's the run - possibly the most recce'd run in hash history as this was, more or less, the hares bread-and-butter training run for most of the first 7 months of this year  - 5.5k, pretty much flat and very predictable so that the pack were mostly back within 45 minutes apart from Buk Toy and Gan Yao who are beginning to show signs that they may not actually exist permanently in our part of the multiverse since they have both suffered a number of recent unexplained absences from the trail.
The earlier than expected arrival of the pack caused some consternation in the kitchen as the catering team struggled to coax enough heat out of the oven to get stuff cooked and Temp fought a largely unavailing battle with Softcock who was in charge of carving but seemed more interested in just eating the whole turkey!

But eventually the food was served and rather more quickly than it had arrived, it was consumed - down to the last leg bone which Ma Mick was seen consuming. All that remained for the late arrivals were a few vegetables and some Christmas pudding.
Traditional Christmas dinner - NOT!

Then it was on on to the serious business of the evening as the mountain of cases of beer just had to be tackled. Jim and most of the Vernacular wing departed at about 10 as some of them were seriously intending to do another run at midnight in Hatyai, but the Saffers and the "old guys" stuck it out, manfully doing their duty aided and abetted by Softcock's drinks cabinet just in case the beer wasn't hitting all the high notes.

By 2:00 p.m. the pressure was beginning to show and the  Saffers left on Kiiling's motorcycle followed shortly by Stick Insect and All Black, leaving just Yardo, Beaver and Egg to carry the flag. We shall draw a veil over the final fall of the curtain but Yardo couldn't have got to bed much before 4!

Palm Job feeling the pressure
Kiiling about to go for the jugular

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