Tuesday, December 22, 2015

1800 thrambling

Saturday's 1800th run in all it's 5.5k glory - a bit more with all the falsies and the checkback but still quite short by long run standards. The short run in contrast starting only about 1.5k into the long run was quite long, but the head start of about 10 minutes was enough to get everybody to the beer stop pretty much together, except for the late-arriving Sperminator, who opted for the short short run and the errant Gan Yao who disappeared into another dimension,

Despite it's billing as the run that contained nothing new, the first section was terra incognita causing Sex Sprinter to have to ask directions from a passing local, Not that they did him any good, as, way-off paper, he went around the beer stop, discovering the in trail close to home, but then at least had the decency (or the thirst) to turn round and head backwards to the beer stop.

A raucous circle followed at which there was a special award for  Ru Man Kap in his capacity as GM of HH3 who have supported us unflaggingly this year, and Leigh was christened BarBIE - not sure how we're going to get that on a T-shirt! An equally raucous party ensued enervated by some large cans of 16% 'beer' donated as prizes by the returning Softcock who was also responsible for organising most of the games although the award for the best of the evening undoubtedly went to Temporary Relief for the traditional musical chairs which produced three winners as All Black managed to end up with Sex of the Man on her lap with BarBIE topping off the trio.

Late evening entertainment included In-u-endo attempting to mount his bike which showed every indication of not wanting to be mounted, and Yardstick dancing in the rubbish bin which also seemed to have developed female tendencies as it caused him to fall on his face in the mud, allegedly on 3 occasions. But full marks to Yardo for perseverance!

So it's On! On! to Christmas Day and the full moon 11th anniversary run of which more here anon; but gird your loins for 7:00 p.m. at the Eggylum!


  1. I have it from a reliable source that In-u-endo had a very heated discussion with his motorbike regarding its behaviour after Saturday's hash. Apparently he threatened to sell it for scrap to which the bike replied, "Well if you ever try riding me (all the way to Hadyai) in that state again, I will put you in the hospital you stupid bas...d!" ..... I think the bike won.

  2. I don't think anyone should have been allowed near a motor vehicle after Saturday's bash. Especially the man who couldn't even control a rubbish bin.

  3. Aw c'mon, it was a female rubbish bin.