Thursday, August 13, 2015

Run #1782, (year of the Dog?)

Do you man here? Disinterred from the ailing spare GPS the green seems to represent what was intended to be the long run with the two red sections being the cut-offs for the short run. Can't understand how anyone could get confused on that one!!!!!

From our K9 correspondent:
Its official, when man ceases to exist on planet Earth it will not be rats or cockroaches that take over the mantle because it will be DOGS. Yes, run #1782 had 12 dogs present and 10 humans.

On what turned out to be an outstanding run (varied opinions), Hares Softcock and R2D2 arrived at the run site ahead of time and departed quickly to set paper (initial plan was to set a live hare walk, but that was skittled at 10 a.m. Saturday morning when long runners were advised to be attending), so paper was laid and at 4:30 p.m. the circle was called and Temporary Relief gave out the clear and precise instructions (as the hares were still out scouting and laying at the same time) and this is where the ?? started. 

The first F caused confusion as it had been destroyed by a motorcycle, the instruction that when they came to the concrete with the short run to the right and the long run to the left was confused by the concrete at the WAT, so all the people turned of the paper and that was that. WiWi and Terry ran into the hares on the in trail, Inuendo went round twice (but not on paper), so we thought we should rename him Inufronto, Crackwurst got lost with Rock n roll and Hip Hop, War Zone was also displaced and was rescued by the hare. So, only the hares followed paper all the way and everyone else got lost. Great circle and fun had by all.

On On.

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