Tuesday, August 18, 2015

R2D2 Uncovered

After years of suspecting that SH3 runner R2D2 was not quite human, the truth has been finally revealed. On his bi-millennium check-up at his local service center (Canadian spelling?) it was discovered there was a problem with his operating system and a replacement primary CPU and sensory unit (equivalent to the human head) was required. This was successfully completed at the centre for robotics regeneration (known locally in humanoid terms as Songklanagarind Hospital) when a new “head” was stapled onto the “body”, or power distribution and reprocessing cavity. However it was discovered an upgrade was required to the OS to prevent further degradation of the original superstructure, and new software will need to be downloaded over several  arduous weeks via WiFi, using radio-magnetic and radio-chemical infusion.
R2D2 has vowed that he hopes to exihibit his new and improved humanoid, or is that android, or possibly cyborg form at this weeks coming hash event.

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  1. He looks years younger! Egghed, you need this procedure asap.