Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Scum gets censored!

Was it the references to rampant sex and drugs? Or to Thailand, the country that always seems to be the poster boy for Westerners run amuck in Asia? Or was it just the slightly politically incorrect photo? We don't know, but within hours of putting up a post yesterday designed to attract the maximum number of viewers (the technical term is "search engine optimization"), it disappeared without trace.

We won't blame Google (who run the Blogger service, and who admittedly offer it for free), not at least yet anyhow. But if you're tired of their increasingly high-handed attitude toward collecting data from their users and then bombarding them with creepy personalized ads, then you might want to start using the new search engine that more and more of the cognoscenti are turning to: Apart from the stupid name, it's pretty good. And it doesn't track users or collect any user data.

Now censor that, Mr. Internet!

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