Friday, April 5, 2013

Runz and walks this weekend

Lots of foot abuse occurring this weekend:
Songkhla Hash details are:
SH3 run#1661, Saturday April 6th, 2013: 4:30
Hares: Kii Leum and Perky
Misdirections: from the Ko Yo Intersection take the old Hatyai road for 4.7k and turn left for 8k then right (at Wat Keow Kloy into Poonakan Rd) for 4.2k to the runsite on the left (just before the football field).
Then on Sunday, for those not going up to the resort prior to the hillwalk to ensure that they are well rested on Monday morning (and not just to drink beer for the last time for 3 days), Hatyai H3's run will be from the big sala 1k behind the CP Factory on the old Hatyai road (6.5k on the right from the the Ko Yo intersection). Hares are probably the sex people.
For those hillwalk-bound, there is a map available to anyone who hasn't already got it, plus sets of misdirections from both Sex Sprinter and Beavershot (who would you trust? - Neither is not an option!). But none of the independent vernacular contingent (i.e. Thais not romantically connected to a farang) will be travelling on Sunday afternoon and will only be joining the hungover remnants of those who are on Monday either to walk or just to be there to wave us off as we disappear up Kao Jet Yod. So there should still be a good turnout for HH3 on Sunday for those vascilating about whether it is worth going or not.

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  1. Pedantic spelling alert. It's "vacillating", not "vascilating."