Friday, April 12, 2013

Not that Coffee in Love!

Tomorrow's SH3 Songkran extravaganza will be taking place at Coffee in Love. 'Nuff said? 
Ok so, surprisingly, there is more than one Coffee in Love. The one illustrated above is in Pai. So it's not that one!
The one to head for is in Sisuda Road adjacent to our erstwhile home in the Hot Bread Shop, and was formerly known as the Moon and the Lekke Bar among other manifestations. 
The fun starts at 11:00 a.m. when we will be setting off on our traditional Songkran walk around Songkhla, accompanied by a number of guests from Batu H3 and other friends from KL. The hares are R2D2 and Egghead and there will be beer provided from the beer truck during the run by luscious beer maidens (OK, Peppered Pussy) and food laid on at the bar afterwards. The run fee for Songkhla H3 members, which will include a T shirt wll be 150 Baht. Local guests may be able to negotiate a reduction from the overseas rate of 350 Baht, as Hash Cash, Stick Insect will no doubt be in a good mood for the occasion. Bring a water gun and lots of good will and be sure to buy some beer from the bar after the run to say thanks for hosting this year's event!
On Sunday, Hatyai Hash will be running as usual and the hare will be Robocop. The run site is at the site of the old gas station on the old Hatyai road (OHR, 9k, right hand side).
Sawatdi Pi Mai!

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