Sunday, April 21, 2013

6-6-6, 6-84?

Technically almost perfect, run 1663 failed to reach the promised levels of satisfaction when the pack were unable to deliver the coup de gras in the shape of a 66 minute run time. Such is life. But the multitude of checks was successful in slowing Sex Sprinter sufficiently to make him look like a normal human being and although he may have/probably did get home first, he was within hailing distance of the rest of the pack. Maximum height was 191 meters acheived at about 360_1 but the total ascent was a whapping 344m, which given that the run site was at 100m to begin with probably explains why the run took so long to complete. No complaints about the short run which was sixless so to speak, being only a little under 3k and having only 1 false trail.
Next week's SH3 and full moon runs are being rolled into a single event with an optional camp out to follow, chez Buk Toy. Kii Leum's farewell will therefor be runless and will take place on Thursday evening provisionally at Bai Meang, although there are suggestions of an alternative eating venue for those who don't like Vietnamese food.
HH3 tomorrow? Watch this space!

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