Sunday, February 24, 2013

Who, me?

GM's log, star-date twenty thirteen.
Woke from a deep sleep, after a boozed-up, drugged-out evening frequenting dubious bars and massage parlors, with a deep sense of unease created by a recurring nightmare that in a fit of public spiritedness I had accepted the mantle of GM, ten years after the previous abortive effort to lead the Hash from the wilderness. 
Strangely, it seems that the normally stable Beaver (how does he constantly get me to look like some kind of Biblical prophet - it must be a special Francis of Assisi filter) shared the nightmare, as presumably did all the other good hashing-folk who partook of yesterday's erection. All I can say in my defense is that where there is discord I will bring harmony. Where there is error, I will bring truth. Where there is doubt, I will bring faith. And where there is despair I will bring beer. In fact I will just bring beer to cope with the discord, error and doubt as well, but I just thought I should strike a leader-like pose in this hour of my re-ascendance.
As for the power thing, it will pass. And don't worry about all those nice men in brown shirts who will be at the Hash from next week, they are just there to protect you!

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