Sunday, December 9, 2012

Where the turkeys trotted, who the snake bit and, when does who run?

In an ideal world, a recce or two would have improved its artistic merit, and though done with the best of intentions, the duplication of the in and out trails could profitably have been avoided by doing what the short runners did and just walking up the track back to the runsite. But that said, this was another enormously successful remedy to our chronic shortage of hares, and both the long and short runners who all did the same six-and-a half kilometer trail had absolutely no complaints. For the record there were 5 hares, Kii Leum, who had difficulty with the math of adding one and one to get two, Buk Toy, Stick Insect, Beavershot and Sex Sprinter. There were nine 360's and one false trail, which successfully ensnared only Beavershot and the overall experience took about one hour 25 minutes for the pack, with the short run only a matter of 5 minutes or so behind the agile athletes, who shall remain nameless, who lead the pack home!

Sunday's HH3 run was a different kettle of fish entirely. With no GPS on hand to record the details, esimates of its overall length ranged from "more than 6k" to "at least 10k!", and in contrast with Saturday's completely flat run, Sunday's got up to well over 300m. Highlight of the afternoon was undoubtedly the poetic justice of hare, Mongolian Fuck Rat brushing accidentally against a snoozing viper which delivered a small and completely harmless dose of venom, necessitating a dash to the hospital for a shot just in case. As Stick Insect who knows about these things opined, vipers deliver a neuro-toxin and MFR is probably therefore immune anyway as he appears to lack both feelings and a brain! Sex Printer was on hand at the scene of the crime to dispatch the abused asp, which was duly carried back and decorated a post next to the runsite until one of the dogs ate it. Those with a memory for such things believe this to have been the first case of snake bite to have graced a hash in Songkhla province in more than 30 years of running.

Up coming later this month seems to be a slight conflict over who runs on Saturday. HH3 have decreed that 29th December will be the evening of their New Year's party which will cost all comers 200 Baht (100 Baht for kids and kanines) and wll be held at Buk Toy's swish new yard on the old Hatyai road, just up  from Ko Mii market, on the left from Hatyai, or on the right after the SME building from Songkhla. The hares already booked for the run are Buk Toy and Sex Sprinter. This of course beggars the question of how a Songkhla run will be followed by a Hatyai party, but the situation seems emminently soluable by swapping the SH3 and HH3 runs that weekend, allowing Sunday's hare, Kai Jeow to metamorphose into Egghead and to set Sunday's run for SH3 instead. Not sure who is in control of these matters at present, with the GM somewhere off shore of a cold-cold Scotland (or is he in  balmy Perth? We have no idea as he didn't leave a forwarding address!). But there really doesn't seem to be any point of standing on formality about who runs when, since we are really all one hash these days - or is that too radical a concept to punt through this medium? Comments please! (Or is that also a bit radical to ask for?)

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  1. No reason not to switch SH3 and HH3 days whenever needed. In fact it'll probably help SH3 attendance!