Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The 2012 Die Hard Award

The Online Scum is pleased to congratulate Sex Ao Ao a.k.a. Mongolian Fuckrat on the first of the several* glittering awards we are presenting this year. Fuckrat claims by a landslide our first-ever Die Hard Award for his ability to survive everything we've thrown at him and still come back and be completely in our faces and up our noses. I mean, we've try to lose him on the runs and humiliate him in the circles. We've physically assaulted him, as demonstrated here by Stick Insect. We even coaxed a poisonous snake to bite him, the result of which was the snake died and Fuckrat just kept on running (and running off at the mouth). Maybe we could bribe Yardstick to try to run him over in his truck, but with his luck he'd probably just take out one of Egghead's dogs.

For his prize, Fuckrat wins a one-way 3rd class train ticket to Narathiwat. 

* Well, at this point, actually only two. Stand by for the other. Or better, add one of your own!

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