Tuesday, December 4, 2012

To boldly go...

Saturday's Kii Leum family affair proved that even on the most familiar of hills - and there aren't many more familiar than Kao Lam - there are still places to go that no mortal has set foot before. Strangely, though the going got tough as the pack laboriously traversed the northern flank of the hill eschewing the tall-grassy track we had traversed in the opposite direction the previous Wednesday, there were few complaints, and once we got down onto the familiar flat run in, even Perky hit his stride and made the most of the cool weather to come home in not much over an hour. Total length was a bit under 6k with the highest point at 193m and the total ascent 246k, so not too demanding. By contrast, the do-it-yourself short run which R2D2 piloted round was a whopping 4.4k and the last short runners were home a little after the long run creme de la creme made it in.
No takers for the hare's job this weekend so another relay hare run in prospect this Saturday. But after the last highly successful venture that is not to be scoffed at. The exact location of the run site will follow, but somewhere along the new Yala road around 3k on the right is anticipated.

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