Sunday, November 4, 2012

The answer to all our problems . . . beer!

Spirulina is the nice name for cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, pond scum etc. . . . the remarkable substance that promises a new renaissance for Songhkla Hash!

Yes, while exploring the wilds (not really -- it's all highways and shopping malls like everywhere else) of northern Burma, I came upon this remarkable product: Spirulina Anti-Aging Beer. Think of it: not only will this restore our vitality and speed, but it will attract more women to the hash, because they want to be young even more than we do!

Now it is unclear whether "anti-aging" means it simply stops the aging process or actually reverses it. If the former, it's really kind of too late for some of us. If the latter, well, Egghead may not need that plastic surgery after all! In any case, the more we drink, the more good it's going to do us. Sort of like ordinary beer but even more so!


  1. Or as a third interpretation it may actually work against those of us for whom aging is already a fact, viz kill us off! That seems much more likely.

  2. I hadn't considered that possibility, but to be on the safe side before we start drinking Spirulina Beer, perhaps the oldest regular runner (hint, hint) could add some pond scum to his beer this weekend and see what happens?