Monday, November 5, 2012

1639: Ho hum, another wonderful run.

To judge by the muted response to last Saturday's run, which though they may be just a teensie bit biased, the hares felt was fairly wonderful, the assembled hashers from SH3, Batu Pahat Full Moon H3 and a liberal smattering of HH3 must clearly be suffering from a surfeit of good runs. Happily that dangerous situation was well and truly combatted the following day, when no doubt the HH3 run was received with rapturous approval. There's no accounting for taste!
But once again, an influx of hashers from across the border swelled our numbers to healthy proportions and both the long and short run packs were in the 20-30 range, with the short run taking marginally longer than the 1.03 clocked by long run front runner Sex Sprinter who was widely suspected of having undertaken some creative track avoidance in the downhill half of the run. Post-run analysis suggested check-free lengths of 6.3k and 3.6k respectively for the long and short runs, with the long run reaching 260 meters at the 4th 360, the short run about 150m at the point it rejoined the long run and the total ascent being around 280m. Some great views on both runs which failed signally to inspire positive comment and went unrecorded as Only a Yolk forgot to take the camera.
Ho hum...

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