Sunday, October 14, 2012

How did it work out?

Well, opinions may differ on these things but those available for comment today at the much reduced Hatyai Hash seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed it and the fact that we got 14 runners going round an almost 7k trail which disregarding the 10 minute start for the first hare took 1 hour 40 to complete, and that those 14 included not only regular long runners, but also the short run as well as Kan Kai, Tata and Spotted Dick, speaks for itself. Lots of room to criticize the organisation and execution - as always nothing is perfect, but we didn't lose anyone, the whole pack got in more or less together, and the run, even allowing for the final hare's problem with finding the run site looks much like one of our normal runs.
If nothing else it proved that the format is viable and certainly worth another shot sometime soon.

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed it and thought it a very innovative idea, no problems with doing it again and as Mick said it helps when we dont have alot of hares