Friday, February 3, 2012

The wayback machine

Miss those wonderfully entertaining rehashes that used to appear every week? Well, good news: they're back! At least provided you set your mind back exactly ten years and click here. Starting from January 2002 you'll be able to relive Songkhla H3 life week by week just as it happened a decade ago. This week back then, for example, the long-lost Balls in the Air describes a memorable Groundhog Day run, followed next week by a run report by the legendary Fukawi. Other near-mythical figures taking scribe duty over the coming months include Kiwi Fruit and Angry Pussy, not to mention classic rehashes by still-familiar names like Egghead, Gan Yao, Stick Insect, and, er, me too. Give it a look -- you'll instantly feel years younger!

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