Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An outstation too far

The long-awaited map arrives! As usual the scale is abysmal, the detail totally lacking; and what about all those kinks in the road?

But, yeah, yeah; it contains all you need to know; and no doubt if you can read English or Thai you will have no problem getting there.

But 3/10 for style guys! I mean have we progressed cartographically from the Mappa Mundi? Apparently not! All I can say is that the same people who drew this map are setting the run on Saturday then ...

Support for a Sunday run in Songkhla is patchy to put it mildly. So far we have Beavershot and Gan Yao expressing interest. Maybe this is the time that YOU should get your finger out of your... nose and onto the keyboard and register some enthusiasm! It could be an SH3 run or an HH3 run - whatever, if there are more than 5 people it will be set. So learn to post/comment on this site and preserve Sunday as a day of irreligious, athletic and mildly alcoholic activity.

But if it all falls through and the usual apathy wins the day then there is always the full moon to look forward to, which ought to fall on Wednesday of next week. All we need is a hare and half a mind....

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