Sunday, September 30, 2018

Today's HH3 run and next weekend's runs.

Today's HH3 runsite directions as best as can be managed are: 

From the Klong Wa intersection (Phetkasem road/Route 43) go south on the road towards Sadao for 4k and turn left at a set of traffic lights into Klongyatai Rd. Follow that road for 5k (6.929553° 100.513064°) and turn left at the hash sign until you see indications of a run site. The coordinates may not be completely accurate as they just refer to a point 5k along Klongyatai road, so start looking for the hash sign from about 4k onwards as the most likely left turn appears to be at about 4.5k based on a Google Earth survey! 

One more thing, based on discussions between committee members in residence, the intention today is to cede next Sunday's run back to HH3 rather than attempt to hold an SH3 run on Sunday, which means that there would be no actual SH3 run next weekend, even though the location and hare for the run on Sunday would still be the same (i.e. the football pitch past Wat Nern Pijit and Egghead). The decision is partly diplomatic but also takes into consideration the fact that last time SH3 took over HH3's slot we were forced to ask them to help us to run the beer truck and to provide enough food, and it was not exactly easy for our beloved GM to run the circle in English when 90% of the people there only spoke Thai! If anyone has any objections to this plan please register them below or on the SH3 thread on fb messenger.

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