Saturday, September 15, 2018

Recce in haste lay at leisure

Run 1941 was the product of a postponed recce which should have taken place on Wednesday as the antidote to the post-rumble hangover, but got put off to Thursday afternoon when the hares could only spare an hour or two with the result this Saturday morning's lay required rather more time to complete than usual. Was the result worth it? Possibly as the only real complaint was from the FRB's who found that they got confused by some of the checks...Er, yes! That's the whole point!
For the record, stripped of its Fs and Xs, the long run was about 6k, a mere 2k longer than the short run, and the total ascents were about 200m and a bit more than 100m respectively. The long run got up to 140m while the short run made it to 112. The first long runner was home in around 1 hr 9 mins, by which time the short run were already organizing the food and tucking into the beer. Another good turnout, partly because Phayok (formerly known as Nay, Conebrain's personal trainer) keeps bringing along all those lovely people who seem to be really enjoying the hash experience, so much so that some of them seem unwilling to get back to the runsite! But no search parties were necessary this week and the hare was not required to add searching to recceing, laying and sweeping!

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