Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sweeping changes at SH3 as Beavershot tops the poll

It was out with the old, in with the new at yesterday's SH3 AGM as Beavershot came out top in a closely fought race for the coveted position of Hash Nerd. Meanwhile GM, All Black narrowly retained her position but On Sec Throbbin' Hood was unceremoniously dumped in favour of former Beer Butch's Bitch's Ass, Little Tool, who later would not comment on suggestions that this was the first step in a bid for GM next year.
In other moves, R2D2, despite not being at the vote was appointed as Beer Butch with Yardstick confirmed as Hare Raiser and Sex Sprinter as Cultural Adviser, whatever that is. Only a Yolk was the surprise choice for Hash Haberdasher (she looked surprised anyway as she has repeatedly insisted that she has no wish to do the job) and Egghead retained his role as financial supremo. So there was no role for a relieved Stick Insect and the canine lobby was yet again unsuccessful in its attempt to gain a seat at the top table. Harram was later seen to be sulking in the back of the Egg-truck with Ma Mick whose only comment was "Aaarruuugh!"

With the official business out of the way, run 1913 began a little before the advertised time of 4:30 leaving late arrivals Conebrain and Gan Yao to desperately pursue the sizable pack as 27 of the 29 runners set out on some kind of run. Of those, 22 made the beer stop half way round the long run, just over half of whom then finished it, the remaining 10 including the 3 hares following the short run home. The long run with all the F's and the checkback was 6.9k with a total ascent of 175m and the highest point on both runs was at the beer stop which was at about 100m.

But the good news was that in addition to the two returning runners, there were six new runners and the beer truck was well and truly drunk (as were some of the later departees!) So an optimistic start to the second year of All Black's glorious reign and if we can build on this and stagger over the 30 mark, who knows, we might just make 2000 yet!

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