Sunday, March 26, 2017

Run 1866 hilltop stop

The easy stats are that the long run was 8.5kms (including falsies and check backs), a total ascent of 340m with a max height of 230m at the beerstop. Beerstop? the hares going to the ridiculous trouble of carrying the beer box to the top of the hill, well, with the kind loan of Egghead’s 4-wheel drive, along with the odd 17 or 18 short runners crammed in, looking more like sardines in a tin can (no not your pickup Eggy). The short runners declined the offer of beers and almost immediately took off on their downward journey back to the runsite covering about 4.0kms. The long runners meanwhile lingering to consume the alcoholic refreshments and soaking in the fabulous views from the top of the hill. The long runners reaching the runsite at about the same time as the first of the short runners, and the beerstop truck!

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