Thursday, November 17, 2016

The virtual full moon run

Here is the hare's track from Tuesday's full moon run. Most of the paper had disappeared into the ground by the time the hounds actually set off so full marks to both the short and long runners for managing to follow the trails as far as the final F before hitting the road, and even to Stick Insect with Buck in tow, who managed to get delayed for the second time in three days, eventually having to resort to asking for directions to get home from the last aborted F, from which no one - not even the hare with the aid of the GPS, could find the in trail. The short run was 4k and the long run 6.5k, and they  took about an hour, and an hour and a half respectively, to walk as running was difficult. The conditions suited Big Foot a.k.a. Gan Yao perfectly as the virtual absence of paper meant that he could follow the trail without compromising his creed of never knowingly being on paper. A good turn out for a FM run enjoyed a late view of the supermoon which found its way out of the clouds as the pack enjoyed the copious food  and a couple of slabs of Leo.

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  1. So "delay" is the new euphemism we're going to use for SI from now on?