Saturday, November 12, 2016

Penang '16

Remember this splendid bunch of miscreants? They are Penang Men's H3 and they visited us and ran from and partied at Thung Jaeng back in September last year, and were generally agreed to have been excellent value.
Although they are a men's hash the experience of running with us has clearly had a positive influence as next month they will be holding their 20th anniversary run on 3rd December and it will be open to hashers of all genders. They have invited us to join them but we need to give them an idea of whether we are coming and if so, how many of us will be going. Yardo, the Egg family and Softy and Temp have all made positive noises so how about it?
The suggestion is to go on Friday, 2nd December as a group (barring Softy et al who would drive up from KL) and return on Sunday, travelling by train from Pedang Besar, which is cheap (MYR11 each way, or about MYR30 for the bookable and faster ETS service) and comfortable, and to book a hotel for the whole group (which I can do). The cost of the hotel in Georgetown close to where the run takes place on a double room sharing basis is likely to be about 400-500 Baht a night and the registration for the event is MYR100 per person. So altogether leaving aside food/beer and entertainment (other than on the run itself) would be about 2000 Baht per person.
For more details of the run visit PMH3 20th anniversary run. We probably need to decide about this over the weekend so could anyone interested either add a comment to this post or let me know at either run this weekend.

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