Sunday, November 6, 2016

Haven't we done this before?

Three quarters of the way round setting this little number, I had the distinct impression that somewhere in the previous 221 lays I had set an absoluely identical run. It just all seemed so familiar; which it hadn't on the recce earlier in the week when every trail I half remembered seemed to have disappeared or become overgrown and what the hell was that road doing up the northern end of Kao Lam?

But come the day and the tracks were there as they should have been; and that road? Falsie! The all up length was about 7k and without the 7 F's and the single X, which was added later just to get to the magic number of 14 checks, was a hare's breadth under 6k. The top just after the 3rd 360 was 200m according to Mr. Garmin although measley old Google Earth lopped 5m off that. The total ascent was about 250m. The short run, which missed out the hill and the fore play was about 4k and All Black and the other intrepid short hounds, who made it to the top of that falsie up the new road to enjoy the spectacular view of Kao Wong, reached about 100m  The first short runner to reached the beer stop was also All Black in about 30 minutes with the rest arriving before Short Screw headed the long runners thence in 54 minutes. Notable by his absence at that stage was Stick Insect, who was assumed to have made his own way home (as he knows this country so well!) so the beer stop closed without him taking refreshment.

Back at the run site the packs had or were in the process of arriving home on paper, bar  the unlucky Vinay, who having been blagged into doing the long run on the birthday run, on his second run had the misfortune of running into Short Screw in short-cutting mood. The pair were eagerly egged on as they made their way from the end of the final F across the muddy morass formerly known as the lake, and were later iced for their pains.

Stick Insect's absence began to cause more concern than amusement as dusk fell and motorized search parties were sent out. SI was fairly quickly found by Innuendo who conveyed him back to the run site, by which time the other search party in the Egg-truck had come to minor grief in a ditch, extricating themselves with some difficulty and a few minor modifications to the layout of the vehicle.

A circle ensued run by Throbbin' Hood, who seems to be in the throes of taking over the GM's mantle from Keeling, who is apparently trying to avoid living in Songkhla anymore! Then most of the assembled throng made the short trip to Egg Towers to polish off the beer followed not long after by the rain which had held off all day. A rump steadfastly persevered until about 10:00 p.m. but the event which will live in the memory of a not unmemorable day will be All Black's final triumphant act of the construction of a 17-can tower of the empties. of which photographic evidence should no doubt follow.

Thanks to everyone for a great 66th birthday and thanks particularly to Sex Sprinter and Super Pig, Frozen Nuts and Fan Nu Dai, and Crackwurst and Meals on Wheels for the gift of beer which was much appreciated.

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