Sunday, May 1, 2016

Run 1820

The ultra and short run started from the runsite shown by the light blue line to the beerstop (B01) The ultra long runners then ran the long run anticlockwise around the green line, together with the three long runners consisting of Egghead, All Black & BarBie. All the short runners and long runners, apart from a Beaver and a few of the youngest hashers completed the run along the dark blue line back to the runsite. For anyone interested in where they ran yesterday and how far and wide they ranged here are the stats for the different runs.
Short Run - Length: 3.1kms, Ascent: 130m, Max Height : 152m
Medium Run - Length: 5.5kms, Ascent: 170m, Max Height: 152m
Long Run - Length: 7.8kms, Ascent: 229m, Max Height: 107m
Very Long Run - Length: 10.1kms, Ascent: 269m, Max Height: 107m
Ultra Long Run -Length: 13.3kms, Ascent: 399m, Max Height: 152m
A pretty impressive effort by all the people attending the run on Saturday, the only person remaining at the runsite during the run was Bung, the beer truck driver.


  1. Great Trails, Great run. Why do my feet hurt?

  2. Great Trails, Great run. Why do my feet hurt?

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