Sunday, May 29, 2016

Run 1824

A relatively straight forward run, you start at the runsite, run to the beerstop and run back to the runsite, what could be easier. Probably just selecting which run you wanted to do, long , medium or short.
The long run overall length was 10.1kms, but that included the 9 checks, 9 false trails, and 3 check-backs.  The medium & long runs were only able to achieve a measly maximum height of 123m. The stats for the various runs were:
Short Run -  Length: 3.9kms,  Total Ascent: 112m  Max Height: 46m  (in yellow)
Medium Run -  Length: 6.6kms,  Total Ascent: 216m  Max Height: 123m  (in green)
Long Run -  Length: 10.1kms,  Ascent: 335m  Max Height: 123m   (combined green & red)

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