Sunday, April 17, 2016

SH3 #1818

Short run not shown -- it more or less connected the gap on the righthand side.
It must have been a blistering pace up front because despite the ten 360s the FRBs came in well under an hour. Distance was around 7.5km with total ascent of just over 100m.


  1. Non-FRBs will put that down to them going off-paper, or summat. pfft! But good effort hare, fantastic run (best of year, esp after second-wind kicked in and FINALLY catching S.Sprinter at check #10). Some are just hard to please I guess, lost senior ladies included. haha.

  2. SS, you sound like you're angling for a free beer next Saturday. You got it!

    And from now on, no search & rescue efforts for anyone seen not paying attention during the hare's explanation!